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Prince of Malorn

Korram is the crown prince of Malorn and he’s seventeen. His father, the king, died of mysterious causes and he’ll be crowned king when he reaches his eighteen birthday. But there’s a shadow over this future event. The shadow, Regent Rampus, who is the temporary ruler of the kingdom until Korram reaches his birthday. Prince… Continue reading Prince of Malorn

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Self-Publishing Demons

For a little over a decade and a half I was editor of the now defunct, Yellow30 Sci-Fi Review. I had gotten together with several author friends and we put out a small little review magazine geared toward what we called, The New Voice of Science Fiction. These new voices were basically the small presses… Continue reading Self-Publishing Demons

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Buffaloes, Beads & Indians

The revised third edition of Buffaloes, Beads & Indians is now available on Amazon. The Kindle version will be out later in the summer, so stay tuned for that. Here is a little info about the book to stir your curious minds.   "A raging war in southeast Asia prompted many forms of protest through… Continue reading Buffaloes, Beads & Indians

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Mr. Lazarus

Paul Dellinger’s collection of short stories is like stepping into a time machine and slipping back into time and space where sci-fi short stories were the predominate force with genre magazines for nearly five decades. Spanning a time frame of two centuries (1962 to 2013), these stories have the flavor of old time pulp fiction… Continue reading Mr. Lazarus