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Should I Choose to Die Again

There’s a special place called King’s Barrow. Special folks live there and have for hundreds of years. These are the gifted people; flamemakers, jewelers, weathermakers, growers, artists, seers, alchemist and healers. Everyone has a gift that they were born with and usually determines what they do in life. Hamal is a young man who considers… Continue reading Should I Choose to Die Again

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Blog Tour-King of Malorn

Annie Douglass Lima has penned another great adventure. This new novel, King of Malorn, is a fantastic read. Here is what I thought about it: ______________ There’s much to be said for being born into a royal family, especially if one’s older brother happens to be king. One might think that a princess’ life should… Continue reading Blog Tour-King of Malorn

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Sneaky Plots & Sinister Designs

There’s a subtle plot sneaking through the palace. It’s been coming for a long time. Who can the young king trust? For that matter, just how safe is the palace itself in regards to those who would like to see this young ruler gone in a permanent way? His sister, the princess, has this uncomfortable… Continue reading Sneaky Plots & Sinister Designs

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Buffaloes, Beads & Indians

The revised third edition of Buffaloes, Beads & Indians is now available on Amazon. The Kindle version will be out later in the summer, so stay tuned for that. Here is a little info about the book to stir your curious minds.   "A raging war in southeast Asia prompted many forms of protest through… Continue reading Buffaloes, Beads & Indians